Divorce & Family Law

Getting a divorce can have long-term effects emotionally and legally. There are legal requirements from selecting the type of divorce to how to file and deciding on how assets should be divided. The Law Office of Gary W. Libby is experienced in all issues surrounding family law, such as divorce, and works closely with clients to help make the process much smoother.

Real Estate, Landlord/Tenant & Evictions

The Law Office of Gary W. Libby practices both real estate law and landlord-tenant law. Whether you’re purchasing a residential home or commercial property, there’s a lot of money on the line. Attorney Gary W. Libby drafts, negotiates and reviews purchase agreements to ensure that your investment is protected. With knowledge and experience in landlord-tenant law, the Law Office of Gary W. Libby can help keep you in compliance with the rules and regulations, such as the process of eviction.

Small Business, Corporations & LLC’s

Many people of Maine are building their own businesses and want help from an experienced Business Law Attorney. At the Law Office of Gary W. Libby, LLC, in Portland, ME, we frequently work with people who are starting up or running businesses of all sizes. With help from Attorney Gary W. Libby, your small business, corporations and LLCs can thrive and grow as you work together for that successful outcome.

Wills, Estate Planning & Probate

Wills, Estate Planning and Probate matters are just a few areas of legal concern that people bring into the Law Office of Gary W. Libby, LLC, in Portland, ME. Many people realize that now is the right time to address estate planning, and they want help from an experienced legal advisor to ensure that all documents they want will withstand legal challenges that might arise in the future.