The Law Office of Gary W. Libby practices both real estate law and landlord-tenant law. Whether you’re purchasing a residential home or commercial property, there’s a lot of money on the line. Attorney Gary W. Libby drafts, negotiates and reviews purchase agreements to ensure that your investment is protected. With knowledge and experience in landlord-tenant law, the Law Office of Gary W. Libby can help keep you in compliance with the rules and regulations, such as the process of eviction.

Real Estate: Attorney Gary W. Libby

Attorney Gary W. Libby has experience in preparing deeds for conveyance transactions, rental agreements, purchase contracts and financing agreements. While real estate agents can assist clients with filling out these documents, only a lawyer can draft and revise these legal documents. He also has experience in negotiating real estate transactions with developers, brokers and investors. All around, attorney Gary Libby performs “due diligence” on real estate transactions. This includes examining reports, contracts, legal title issues and environmental issues. As a real estate attorney, his goal is to ensure that his clients don’t fall into any hidden legal traps.

Landlord-Tenant Law: The Law Office of Gary W. Libby

There are times when landlords need the assistance of an attorney like when you’re evicting a tenant or are faced with a lawsuit due to a personal injury on the premises. Landlords cannot force an eviction by changing the locks and putting tenant belongings outside. An eviction lawsuit must be filed in court. Plus, the landlord must provide the tenant with written notice outlining the breach. Keep in mind that any errors in the eviction paperwork could cause the court to dismiss the eviction lawsuit. If the eviction is granted, the sheriff’s department then removes the tenant. If you’re considering evicting a tenant, turn to attorney Gary W. Libby to know your rights and responsibilities. This way, you can avoid any liability or penalties. And if you’re a tenant who believes the eviction is improper or unfair, attorney Gary W. Libby can help protect your legal rights.

If you’re purchasing or selling real estate property or have a landlord-tenant issue, turn to the Law Office of Gary W. Libby for the best legal advice and representation. Let their experience and strong legal skills work for you. Give them a call today.