Many people of Maine are building their own businesses and want help from an experienced Business Law Attorney. At the Law Office of Gary W. Libby, LLC, in Portland, ME, we frequently work with people who are starting up or running businesses of all sizes.

Small Business, Corporations & LLC’s are business structures that many clients wish to form, but they need help deciding which business structure is best suited for their needs and in making important decisions about their business plans. Those who already have established business operations often need help from us for managing other business legal matters, such as expansion, contracts or litigation.

Law Office of Gary W. Libby, LLC

The Law Office of Gary W. Libby, LLC, in Portland, ME, primarily serves people from Cumberland and York Counties of Maine. We are familiar with local, state and federal laws that apply to business operations in Maine, and we enjoy helping people succeed in their business efforts. With proper preparation and creation of valid legal documents, that opportunity for business success is greatly enhanced.

Some of the areas of Business Law we offer our clients includes:

  • Business Formation – Structure decisions: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporations, LLCs, Non-Profit Organizations
  • Litigation – Negotiation, Mediation, Courtroom Litigation
  • Contracts – Employee, Sub-Contractor, Mergers, Acquisitions, Real Estate
  • Liability – Premises Liability, Performance/Warranty, Insurance

Attorney Gary W. Libby

As a business law professional, Attorney Gary W. Libby works diligently on behalf of his clients. He has over four decades of legal experience and knowledge of Business Law. He knows many other local attorneys, judges and court systems. His experience and skill in this area of law practice is extensive, and he is ready to go to work to help you find success with all areas of business legal matters.

Maine Business Law Attorney

There are many times when business owners need to consult with a Maine Business Law Attorney. For many people, knowing who to call for legal assistance is an essential part of their ultimate business success. It is important to know that your legal documents and contracts are valid and enforceable. With help from Attorney Gary W. Libby, your small business, corporations and LLCs can thrive and grow as you work together for that successful outcome.

To discuss your business legal matters in confidence with an experienced Business Law Attorney, contact the Law Office of Gary W. Libby, LLC, in Portland, ME. Call us now, at (207) 774-2123.