Wills, Estate Planning and Probate matters are just a few areas of legal concern that people bring into the Law Office of Gary W. Libby, LLC, in Portland, ME. Many people realize that now is the right time to address estate planning, and they want help from an experienced legal advisor to ensure that all documents they want will withstand legal challenges that might arise in the future.

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At the Law Office of Gary W. Libby, LLC, we understand that every person has unique legal issues that require equally unique solutions. We treat each client with respect, dignity and the attention they deserve, to resolve legal matters in the best possible manner for that person. We offer many legal services, including Wills, Estate Planning & Probate assistance.

Without a legally valid Will or Trust document, your estate and other business matters will be handled in a courtroom by a Probate Judge and appointed Administrators who will have no knowledge of your wishes about how you want things handled if you are incapacitated or after your death. Your heirs could lose out on important items you wanted them to receive, or you could not be represented in the way you wish if you are unable to manage your own affairs due to illness or other incapacity.

Attorney Gary W. Libby

Estate Planning is one area of law practice that Attorney Gary W. Libby enjoys helping clients manage. He understands how important this is to individuals and business owners. Wills, Trusts, Medical Directives, Powers of Attorney and other documents are important documents that will help you maintain control over your assets, property and business operations if you are unable to do this on your own.

You never know when illness or an accident will either render you incapacitated or take your life. Even in the best of circumstances, people need to prepare for the inevitable, death. Everything you worked so hard for in a lifetime can be put in jeopardy if you do not prepare now for unforeseen circumstances like a serious accident or illness.

Maine Estate Planning Attorney

Gary W. Libby is an experienced Maine Estate Planning Attorney who can help you make important decisions about your estate holdings, including assets, property and business succession. You can protect your heirs and preserve your estate with legally valid Estate Planning documents like Wills and Trusts, Medical Directives and business Succession planning.

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